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Our lightning-fast, highly skilled graphics department is your brand's best ally. Harnessing years of experience and a keen understanding of market trends, we bring your ideas to life with stunning visuals that speak volumes. We're not just creating designs, we're adding layers of value to your brand, enhancing its appeal, and propelling it towards new heights of recognition.​


Experience the creative brilliance of our web design team, where talent and innovation are at the heart of everything we do. We bring your ideas to life by crafting engaging, intuitive websites that not only tell your brand's story but also cultivate customer engagement. Our strategic designs create meaningful connections with your audience, magnifying opportunities for monetization and driving your business forward.​


With a deep well of experienced cinematographers, skilled video editors, and sound technicians, we bring a full spectrum of video production capabilities to the table for our clients. Our skill sets mean that we are adept at delivering exactly what you need – be it broadcast-quality commercials that captivate audiences, or impactful documentary-style films that tell compelling stories. We're equipped to capture a range of footage, tailored to your specific needs, budget, and schedule.​


We're more than just a multimedia company; we're a team of dream-weavers, offering free consultations to every prospective client. Your dreams spark our creativity, inspiring us to map out the path from concept to creation. We relish in the process of discovering creative ways to bring your projects to fruition, from point A to Z. Ready to breathe life into your dreams? We can't wait to hear from you soon!"​


In the multifaceted world of multimedia, video, graphic design, and branding projects, a project manager is the linchpin. Our project managers serve as your dedicated coordinators and point of contact, overseeing all details from concept to completion. Their mission is to handle the intricacies of planning, execution, and quality control, eliminating the stress of managing complex projects.


Video production, graphic design, web design, and project management are the cornerstones of a robust digital strategy. Each component, powerful in its own right, becomes more impactful when synergistically combined. The engaging narrative of video, the visuals of graphic design, the user-focused experience of web design, all seamlessly orchestrated by efficient project management, work to maximize your brand's visibility. This integrated approach amplifies your message but also drives customer engagement, generating revenue for your business.

Decoding The Dream Chaser

     Tommy “Fox” Graves, the multimedia coordinator behind Liquid Fox Multimedia, brings 16 years of design experience and a BSBA with a specialization in project management. From collaborating with garment manufacturers, recording artists, and travel agencies to partnering with financial institutions, the Army Corps of Engineers, and higher learning institutions, Liquid Fox Multimedia has built an impressive portfolio.

     “My journey into the world of multimedia began in 2007 when I started off as a freelance music producer. Fueled by curiosity and necessity due to budget constraints, I found myself venturing into other disciplines within the multimedia realm. This exploration led me to take on roles as a production assistant, camera man, and video editor at Sidewalk Labs. Each of these positions played a critical role in shaping the foundation of my multimedia experience, allowing me to develop a broad and interconnected skillset. By 2009, this diverse array of experiences and skills propelled me into the position of Multimedia Coordinator at VRUMC. Here, not only was I able to utilize my comprehensive understanding of multimedia, but I also had the privilege of training and mentoring the youth in the organization’s tech team program. This experience further solidified my belief in the transformative power of multimedia and reinforced my commitment to fostering the next generation of tech enthusiasts.”

     “In 2018, seeing the struggles of small businesses seeking cohesive, affordable marketing services, Liquid Fox Multimedia was born. I noticed a trend of these businesses investing just as much time searching for video, graphic, and web design providers as they were in running their operations. It was clear that a comprehensive, affordable solution was necessary—and so, Liquid Fox Multimedia stepped into the gap.”

What're The People Saying?

"In the past, the focus of education was on lectures. But in my online classes, I began to realize that students wanted to watch short videos. I needed a media expert to work closely with me to turn my pictures and video footage into a final product. Editing is a detail-oriented process, and small changes can have a big impact on the quality of the final product. Tommy pieced my photos and video clips together, added audio, and exported the video so that I could share it with my students. He freely gave input and feedback; brainstormed and collaborated with me. I’ve incorporated many of his suggestions into my videos. Tommy has a genuine sense of urgency in completing work in a timely manner, while not compromising quality."
Gemmy S. Allen Ed.D.
Co-Coordinator and Faculty, Business and Management programs


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